Your Website Security is our Top Priority

Grow your business with lightning-fast, secure and fully optimized websites that are easy to set up & manage. With NakibVPS, your content reaches your users at warp speed.


How do we protect your website with enterprise-level security?


Updated software and latest security patches

We run the latest server software and modules and install security patches as soon as they are released. Not installing the latest patches or cutting corners may lead to dire results


DDOS protection

Our Next-Level technology Has Server-Level reCaptcha & layer-7 DDoS attacks Protection that prevents aggressive hackers from bringing down your site or even slowing it down.


Brute force protection for WordPress

Server-level protection for brute force attempts. So there is no need to use plugins that handle these attempts at a lower level (PHP-Level) that slow down your website.


Secure logins and 2-factor authentication

Every user account has a unique username and strong password. You can also enable 2FA so no one gets into your Web hosting account even if they do have your passwords.


Automatic server & user’s account backups

At our web hosting, we have daily server-level backups and daily backups of your site where you can restore all your files, databases, emails and SSL certificates with a single click.


Server-Level Malware Protection

With IMUNIFY360, our server has three comprehensive layers grouped together that detect and clean malware and then protect our server and your files.

Let’s Make Your Website More Secure

Ready to launch your business to the stratosphere (and beyond)!