Who we are

NakibVPS is a very small team, but a large team doesn’t mean something can be made better, maybe in terms of design, marketing or presentation, but not in term of realizing the idea. Having been involved in online business since 2010, We have probably worked with almost every hosting company on the planet, as developers, system administrators, owners of hosting companies, owners of websites or anything related to the IT technologies.

Our Team:

  • Anmar (Iraq) – founder, speed specialist, and customer service
  • Raqeeb (China) – full-stack developer, systems, migrations
  • Yousif (UAE) – systems and migrations
  • Other staff – systems admin, support, accounts.

How NakibVPS was born

We were just like you, we tried everything in the web hosting industry. Migrating between hosting companies all the time due to performance, security, or lack support issues. Sometimes we find ourselves forced to pay for CPU usage or other resources.

Offers of ‘cheap’ hosts with ‘unlimited bandwidth’ make the server crash as soon as a lot of traffic hits my site ($2 a month hosting is only possible with old low spec servers heavily loaded with websites). When you read the actual Terms of Service of such companies, the promise of “Unlimited Bandwidth” is usually a massive con.

We personally don’t like anything on the hosting industry, from scam, big marketing slogans, high costs, terrible support, and server resource limits.

Our vision

We do not believe in cheap webhosting, they have weak servers staffed behind army of chat support to blame your website or upsell you to higher plans.

These are not real hosting companies to us. They buy the cheapest servers and do the least amount of maintenance possible. Slow speeds, frequent downtimes, outdated modules, and poor security. Maximum profit is all they care about.

We want to stay small and active for as long as possible. Focusing on the simplest requirements of our clients and ensuring that their sites are blazing very fast is more important than anything else to us.

Experience in high-performance hosting

As mentioned before, we come from a background in development. Naturally with large agency clients and high traffic websites, we optimize for maximal speed and server load. We are the masters of it because we understand the entire stack. We can easily serve high volume visits with our high-performance infrastructure.