Our Webhosting Beats Kinsta! Get Affordable Managed Hosting with Higher Speed.

NakibVPS Managed WordPress Hosting offers the ultimate combination of speed, security, and daily backups. Our cloud-based servers are lightning fast and our included security measures ensure your site is secure from any malicious threats.

Our web hosting provides unbeatable performance at unbeatable prices

Trusted in speed, safety and support. It’s very reliable hosting that made me feel like finally no problem and no headache.


Rodina Shadidh

CEO of Evesbag

Kinsta is artificially limit PHP workers

The most critical drawback of using Kinsta hosting is their restrictive PHP workers limit.

For websites that demand a considerable amount of processing power, Kinsta’s restrictive limit may seriously inhibit performance. This factor is particularly pertinent to eCommerce and other high-traffic websites that require significant computing resources for page rendering and database queries.

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Users say they “lose control of their websites” on Kinsta

“I wish they didn’t artificially limit PHP workers. I run a membership site and worry that I’ll have to migrate once we really start to grow.”

Verified Kinsta review on G2

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“PHP workers limits. I was unaware of this issue before joining as no previous hosts even mentioned it. I have since come to know it as the achilles heel of my website. Supposedly my site requires more PHP workers to function properly.“

Verified Kinsta review on G2

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“I contacted customer support several times and was basically told to figure it out myself.”

Verified Kinsta review on G2

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“Totally overpriced. Instead of reliable hosting our site was down for a while. They make update so your wp doesn´t function without any notification. Support not helpful at all, only standard messages.”

Verified Kinsta review on Trustpilot

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“They are forcing all sites that use Cloudflare to continue to use their service AND requiring every single site hosted with them to make an IP change to Cloudflare.”

Verified Kinsta review on Trustpilot

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“Kinsta was one of the best hosting providers for WordPress. Nowawadays it’s overpriced, and adding more and more limits to your package. We currently have to pay more then 400,- a month to keep one (big) website running.”

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NakibVPS is Hosting for Companies that Need High performance Websites

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NakibVPS Means Speed

NakibVPS WordPress hosting offers unmatched performance through our LiteSpeed Enterprise technology coupled with CloudLinux and server-level caching. This ensures that your website will always run at maximum speed, even during times of peak traffic.

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Happy High Traffic Websites

Our webhosting is designed to handle high traffic websites with absolute confidence. Our servers are packed with unlimited PHP processes and blazing fast litespeed cache, giving you the assurance that your webpages will load in seconds no matter how many concurrent visitors you have.

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LiteSpeed Enterprise Webservers

LiteSpeed is backed by robust technology that includes optimized caching and HTTP/3 with quic CDN to ensure fast loading pages and better SEO rankings. With the power of a high-performance server, users can easily host large websites without the fear of downtime or slow loading times.

More Reasons to Choose NakibVPS

Below are just a handful of reasons for choosing NakibVPS. In addition, all offerings come with speed optimization as we help you to perform at your best!

Transparent Annual Pricing

NakibVPS offers you four simple monthly pricing plans without hidden fees. Unlike Kinsta, we don’t charge you for the increase in traffic. Also, if you sign up, you can get the first two months for free if you use the annual payment method.

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Faster Than Kinsta

Our webhosting service at NakibVPS provides a faster and more efficient platform as compared to Kinsta, thanks to our use of LiteSpeed Enterprise servers. While Kinsta relies on NGINX servers, which are known for their high-performance capabilities, our LiteSpeed servers are specifically designed to offer superior speed and performance.

Another major advantage of our hosting service is that we do not limit PHP workers, allowing our clients to fully optimize their websites for maximum speed and performance.

Unlimited Storage

NakibVPS offers you unlimited SSD storage, unlike Kinsta. With our product, you will never have to worry about running out of disk space or facing negative performance impacts. Our product gives you the freedom to store as many files and data as you need with room to grow. You’ll also benefit from faster speeds since our servers are designed specifically for speed and efficiency. And since we don’t place any hard limits on storage, you’ll have plenty of headroom should your needs expand in the future.

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Experts Team

At NakibVPS, You’re in Great Hands

Our experts are world-renowned hosting specialists with years of experience ensuring your sites are up and running as fast as they can be! We can provide you with a customized hosting solution to make sure your application is running in its best environment. Our team of experienced professionals are available 24/7 to help you with anything you might need. With NakibVPS, you know that your sites will be hosted on the most reliable servers.

User-Friendly Control Panel

Our cPanel comes with a suite of tools such as Softaculous, CloudLinux, and Let’s Encrypt all included absolutely free. With our high-end servers and world-class infrastructure, you can be sure your website will be up and running smoothly 24/7. We are committed to providing the best web hosting services at an unbeatable prices.

Everything out of

Optimized by default using Cloudlinux & Litespeed technologies

Commercial web server specialized in WordPress caching and PHP processing.

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Businesses aren’t static, and you’ll need to be able to grow your digital presence fast; with NakibVPS, We have 10x more hardware than our competitors to expand your enterprise on.

Litespeed Webserver is a Better Solution for High Traffic Websites and can Handle More Requests per Second.

With CloudLinux technology, we take advantage of the advantages of stability, security, profitability, and performance features.

Boost Your Websites Performance and Reduce Maintenance Tasks On All Offerings

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Free LiteSpeed ⚡️
Optimized Caching
PHP Workers
Only 2 Workers
cPanel Access
Staging areas
24/7/365 Support
StorageUnlimited SSD10GB SSD
Free site migration
Unlimited Free Migrations

Free Migration

Unlimited Free Migrations Included

We offer unlimited migrations for free! This helps reduce your operational cost migrating to NakibVPS and ensures you can upgrade easily as you grow your company.

  • 100% Exact condition match
  • Fully handled by our WordPress expert team
  • Zero downtime or service interruptions
  • Hassle-Free Process
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Frequently Asked Questions

All your questions will be answered here. If you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Managed WordPress hosting is a specialized hosting service that is designed specifically to cater to the unique needs of WordPress websites. This type of hosting provides developers and website owners with a range of benefits including specialized technical support, optimized server performance, regular backups, automatic updates, and endless scalability.

All plans we offer include:

  • Dedicated firewalls for each website
  • Free 1-click SSL certification
  • IP whitelisting for multi-tire solutions
  • Regular security patches for infrastructure being used
  • Two-factor authentication
  • DDoS protection

We do not allow companies to operate nefarious websites or illegal business operations on our servers; your neighbors are friendly!

When it comes to website caching, NakibVPS hosting stands out from its competitors with its sophisticated caching mechanisms. Unlike Kinsta hosting, NakibVPS uses multiple caching layers such as Memcached and Redis for object caching, which significantly boosts website loading speeds by storing and retrieving frequently requested data from the cache memory rather than querying the database.

Moreover, NakibVPS employs LiteSpeed web servers that have integrated caching at the server level, providing even more acceleration to website performance. With LiteSpeed’s advanced caching technology, the server can swiftly execute static content like images, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, thereby reducing server response time and decreasing page loading times.

In contrast, Kinsta offers built-in caching mechanisms that include WordPress Varnish caching and object caching, which are excellent for speeding up WordPress sites. However, Varnish is well known for its compatibility issues with WordPress plugins and can cause some caching issues especially with the small blogs.

If you’ve had trouble with Kinsta support, you’ll be pleased to know that NakibVPS’s support service is staffed by some of the best experts in the industry. At NakibVPS, we understand that every customer’s needs are unique and we are dedicated to providing swift and effective solutions to any issue that may arise.

Yes, for a few different reasons! LiteSpeed has excellent server-level caching to help serving user requests fast. On top of this, we also use Memcached, Redis for object caching; this makes a big difference in performance for dynamic pages like WordPress dashboard and WooCommerce websites.

To help you success, we don’t have any limit on PHP Workers kinsta have. We limit the number of users on each server and ensure they’re not competing for resources.

We also carefully optimize and monitor our servers to ensure you get the best loading experience possible. To further help, we don’t use resource-intensive utilities like Website Builders. As a result, with NakibVPS, you get the fastest and most efficient digital presence possible.